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Curb Cravings With this Healthier Versionof a Breakfast Burrito!

Ingredients: 1-2 Tortillas 2 Eggs (Boiled or Scrambled) 0.5 Cup of Leafy Greens 1 Diced Avocado (pitted & peeled) 0.5 Cup Roasted Red Peppers 0.5 Cup Spinach & A sprig of Cilantro! Method: Once you prep your ingredients, you’re ready to roll! Lay your fillings in a strip on the tortilla. If you spread the ingredients out too much, you won’t be able to get the tortilla over & around them. I start by making a thin layer of spinach on the bottom & then spread the other fillings in narrow rows on top. Tip: to take your breakfast burrito to the next level, serve it with salsa on the side!


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