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Yoga Lunge

Booty Express 6-Week Program

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Within this program, you'll find a carefully curated workout plan designed to maximize your time and efforts. Each exercise is tailored to help you build strength & sculpt your glutes, hips, & hamstrings, creating a powerful foundation for your fitness goals.


Other muscles such as the quadriceps, inner thighs, and core will be involved as well but our main focus is growing that peach!


This program consists of (2) glute-focused workouts per week, that’s 12 workouts total. 

PLUS we’ve also included 4 Bonus Ab Workouts for you!


But that's not all – I know that true transformation comes from a holistic approach.


That's why this goes beyond the workouts.


You'll also receive expert nutrition advice. Empowering you to make healthier choices and stay motivated throughout the entire 6 weeks.


Your transformative journey awaits – let's do this!

Usually $240.00 - Introductory offer for ONLY $140... Grab the deal below.

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