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Working Out SUCKS!

That used to be my attitude towards exercise. Can you relate?

The idea of carving out time to exert my body physically just wasn’t appealing. I didn’t see the value in it, so I didn’t do it.

Right now, you might be asking yourself why I didn’t value exercise. After all, I’m a personal trainer! I make my living from coaching and empowering others to live healthier lives and how could I ignore the countless experts, medical doctors, and statistics, all of which support just how critical exercise and proper nutrition are to longevity?

Exercise wasn’t important to me years ago because I was happy with my appearance. Yep, that’s it. It was all vanity. Thinking about that now makes me cringe! When I was younger, I was one of those people you hated. I could eat anything, I was naturally petite, and had a slim frame without having to do much. I never had to worry about my weight.

Sure, I played sports as a kid; but when those days were over and adulthood set in, everything else in my life became a priority – getting married, buying a home, climbing the corporate ladder as a banker, having children, etc. You get it, it’s the “American dream”.

My health took a backseat because I was young, ignorant, and frankly, a little lazy. I was too drained by the end of my workday to prioritize exercise and too groggy in the mornings to wake up early. Sound familiar?

So, what transformed me from 18 years as a sedentary banker to my career now as a global personal trainer and nutrition coach? It all started after my second child was born.

By then I was 30, my body started to change, I was slowly losing the battle of the bulge after years of skirting around it. I saw a picture of myself and hated it. I was no longer comfortable in my own skin. If working out sucked, seeing that picture sucked more!

Seeing myself lit a fire in me for change.

And sometimes… that’s exactly what we need to face, the facts, without sugar-coating it!

What light's a fire for change within you?


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