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Exercise Without the Gym!

If you have space available, designate an area of your home to exercise & keep your equipment handy, I use my garage for this and you’ve probably seen it in many of my posts. Try using resistance bands, water bottles, or your own body weight to perform resistance exercises.

You could start by doing push-ups against the wall then progress to doing them against the kitchen counter, the coffee table, & finally the floor.

Have stairs in your home or an outdoor step? Stair climbing is an efficient strength training activity. Keep one foot on a step & step up & down several times (or try stepping up two steps for an even tougher workout).

Move around while you are on a call, stand for an online meeting instead of sitting, do squats or lunges while you’re waiting for a meeting to start, or jumping jacks in front of the TV during the credits or commercial breaks.

And lastly, ‘microwave exercises’ (short bursts of movement) like countertop push-ups while you are waiting for the kettle to boil or toast to pop up - the options are endless for home workouts but if you’re stuck simply drop me a message.

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