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One Light Ignites Another!

Following on from last weeks article about the vision behind the success, I thought I’d share some more about how something as small as listening can really make a difference in someone else’s business.

Petter had worked in another direct selling company before founding Arbonne. He recognised the value of building a winning team that inspired others. He wanted to make the opportunity of starting an Arbonne business as transformational as the Arbonne products.

Petter didn’t judge success purely on profits. He valued each Independent Consultant as an individual, a friend, a mentor and a student. He inspired everyone to dream big, grow professionally and personally, and celebrate often as a team, as a family.

If you spent time with Petter in the early days, you would see his passion, integrity and desire to do the right thing was contagious. The culture of Arbonne evolved organically. Everyone in the family felt important, supported and empowered to achieve their dreams. At Arbonne, personal transformation was how the Home Office measured success.

Petter took his idea and grew it into a beautiful vision. He shared that vision with others and, in turn, inspired others to share it again and again. Each person's transformation would spark change in another.

After nearly 40 years, we understand why we are still here and why we will be here for many more — this combination of amazing products and incredible people who work together to better themselves and the world!


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