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Go Contactless with Zoom Fitness Sessions all Over the World!


Zoom workouts have lots of perks; they double as a way to break the isolation of quarantine. We as humans need connection and my interactive Zoom workouts allow some form of that right now.

It’s motivating to see those sweaty faces — and to know you’re not the only one struggling in the middle of a tough session. The only thing you won’t like about these virtual classes is how sore you will feel the next day! Take this image below for example!

Exercise is critically important to our mental and physical health more than ever, and Zoom is an amazing platform for anyone seeking virtual fitness classes.

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and don’t have much previous exercise experience, online training is a non-intimidating environment to work on getting your form correct so you are getting the most out of training and aren’t injuring yourself in the process.

With online personal training, you no longer need to take long breaks from your program due to sudden work trips or changes in your schedule. I can be right opposite you in a hotel, cottage or in your backyard.

With an online trainer, you make the rules. With no long commute to a gym, all you need is a little bit of space to stand, a good wifi connection and you are set to train which is why I train people all over the world!

If you’re interested in training with me, no matter where you are, simply drop me a message or take a look at my website here:


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