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The Habit Builder!

If you haven't already heard 'The Habit Building Challenge' is a collaboration between Registered Dietitian, Heather Borders and Personal Trainer, Lindsay Corzine. It started on the 17th May and will run until 24th May!

The Habit-Building Challenge objective is to build the habit of consistent, dedicated, time for self-care.

The Habit Building Challenge will include daily emails for 7 days and the option to attend 3 different live events. Handouts, worksheets, guides, and recipes will also be provided.

You will have the option to focus on habit building across three different tracks; nutrition, wellness, and fitness. The self-care acts can take different forms and may even change from day to day. Each challenge will take less than 20 minutes, with many taking 10-15 minutes. The intention is to complete one challenge per day, but set up such that you could hit all three in less than hour.

Self-Care Tracks:

  • Nutrition Track: Each day will focus on a different food group and provide a recipe idea to meet the daily challenge.

  • Wellness Track: Each day will focus on one of the following self-care acts: breathwork, meditation, sleep hygiene, and gratitude.

  • Fitness Track: Each day will get your blood flowing in one of the following ways: balance, flexibility, core, movement.

Join now and review the modules we've already gone through and keep on track for the last few days of the challenge!


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